American Recovery & Reinvestment Act


Using Your Economic Stimulus Funds to Purchase at National Pipe & Plastics

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), passed in February 2009, provides billions of dollars to fund projects and incentives to assist the nation's economic recovery plan and address unemployment and other challenges. Stimulus funds were allocated to support infrastructure projects, renewable energy incentives and projects, educational opportunities, affordable healthcare, and tax relief. The Act also includes compliance and ARRA reporting requirements associated with the use of the funds.

Buy American Made PVC with Stimulus Funds

Take advantage of the many opportunities offered in the economic stimulus package by leveraging National Pipe & Plastics’ strong inventory position, experience, and contracts. Ensure your compliance with relevant information, such as the Country of Origin (COO) of the products you select for ARRA orders.  For more information call 800-836-4350 or visit our Find a Rep page to find a dealer new you.